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Leadership Team

comp-Berkon Dan B0032345-e-©DavidMadisonPhotography.jpg

Dan Berkon

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President

comp-Thomas Myron B0032405-e-©DavidMadisonPhotography.jpg

Myron Thomas

Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

comp-Dumas Mark B0032413-e-©DavidMadisonPhotography.jpg

Mark Dumas

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Technology Solutions Division VP

comp-Limage Simon B0032724-e-©DavidMadisonPhotography.jpg

Simon Limage

Global Advisory and Management Services (GAMS) Division VP

comp-Meier Louis B0032310-e-©DavidMadisonPhotography.jpg

Louis Meier

Global Security Intelligence and Logistics (GSIL) Division VP 

comp-Benfield Phuong B0032440-e-©DavidMadisonPhotography.jpg

Phuong Benfield

Controller and Treasury VP

comp-Gosneigh Laura B0032294-e-©DavidMadisonPhotography.jpg

Laura Gosneigh

Human Resources VP

comp-Hill Geoff B0032420-e-©DavidMadisonPhotography.jpg

Geoff Hill

Business Development VP

comp-Rivera Carlos B0032372-e-©DavidMadisonPhotography.jpg

Carlos Rivera

Global Health VP

comp-Dr. John Fallon B0032328-e-©DavidMadisonPhotography.jpg

Dr. John Fallon

Corporate Operations VP

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