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Transportation & Travel Logistics

Transportation and Travel Logistics

Culmen International is a key leader in the transportation arena, with a portfolio consisting of both ongoing and past support for travel logistics programs in domestic and international settings. Our transportation management solution spans the gamut of all associated services, from securing departure at the point of origin, organizing all reservations while on travel, and arranging for the return trip home. We at Culmen have forged valuable relationships with notable vendors across all walks of industry, including airlines, lodging companies, vehicle rental providers, and other relevant businesses whose collaboration ensures a streamlined transportation process. Our travel logistics team conducts extensive research and outreach to fully understand the context of client destinations in order to organize the most appropriate accommodations. Culmen’s approach to transportation ensures cost efficiency without compromising on operational efficiency.


Our transportation services include (but are not limited to):

  • Booking air and ground travel accommodations for international security programs

  • Coordinating with network of providers to maximize cost savings across entirety of transportation requirements

  • Ensuring compliance with local, state, federal, and international travel regulations

  • Consistent tracking and oversight to validate smooth transportation

  • Around the clock support to resolve arising/last-minute itinerary changes

  • Utilizing forward deployed personnel to source tickets from local/regional providers to optimize cost

  • Supporting visa acquisition (i.e., identification and coordination of specific visa requirements for travelers worldwide, visa request paperwork coordination and delivery, full commercial visa processing services, verification / accuracy of issued visas)

  • Issuing stipends and repayments to support expenses while on travel

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