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Training and Engagement Support

Training and Engagement Support

Culmen International provides training program management, curriculum development, strategic planning, needs assessments, and instruction for counterterrorism, aviation security, border security, language and culture programs. In the area of training program management, Culmen provides coordination between Government sponsors, students, and schools to ensure the target students are identified for the right training programs, and quickly processed and vetted. We provide training venue management, which includes facilities assessments, pricing and contract negotiations, audio-visual arrangement, and catering logistics. 

We develop and review the curriculum of various training courses to ensure minimal overlap and maximum coverage across topic areas. Culmen provides complex event and international travel logistics, which include obtaining visas, scheduling transportation, securing ground support, reserving lodging, per diem distribution, and secure escort. We additionally manage alumni programs, to ensure past participants stay engaged through web resources, international events and continuous learning opportunities. 

Our work includes:

  • Curriculum Development

  • Employee Development Programs Exercise Support

  • Event Management

  • Facilities assessments, pricing and contract negotiations, audio-visual arrangements, catering, etc.

  • How to Video Narration and Production

  • Instructional System Design Principles

  • International Partner (host, trainee, vendor) coordination

  • Job/Task Analysis and Course Evaluation Leadership Development

  • Mentoring Programs 

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Professional/Career Development Professional Coaching 

  • Training Delivery

  • Train the Trainer Instruction

  • Virtual/Online Courses and Training

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