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North Korea: The Risks

Avoid the DPRK’s sanctions evasion program and protect your company


What are the Sanctions
on North Korea?

The sanctions environment around North Korea can be complex, cut through the noise and know which parts might affect your business

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Risky Business: North Korea Banned Coal Exports

UN Resolutions and domestic law prohibit the import of North Korean coal, know how to avoid accidentally purchasing DPRK origin anthracite

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Risks Associated with
the Sale of Vessels to
North Korean Interests

North Korea continues to procure vessels in breach of UNResolutions and domestic laws. Learn the red flags to avoid selling ships to the DPRK


North Korea –
Luxury Goods Ban

North Korea manipulates supply chains to import luxury goods in breach of UN Resolutions. Learn how to spot the red flags.

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Risks in the Shadows:
Ship-To-Ship Transfers at Sea

The DPRK runs a large, state sponsored oil smuggling operation, make sure you know how to avoid accidentally dealing with North Korea's illicit oil import business

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Additional Information on Sanctions and Culmen Capabilities

Culmen offers a breadth of capabilities that are focused on meeting the unique demands of Maritime sanctions and requirements. Click below for more information.

Navigating Through Stormy Seas: Mitigating Geopolitical Risks

Navigating Uncertainty: Safeguarding Your Business Against North Korea

About Culmen

Who We Are

Established in 2004, Culmen International provides a large portfolio of technical, management, humanitarian assistance and logistics services supporting clients worldwide with extensive experience operating a diverse team in over 130 countries on six continents.


What We Do

Culmen International is dedicated to enhancing international security and stability through facilitating global collaboration and optimizing operations of governments and key partners. We help our customers operate in challenging environments with constrained resources, and effectively interact and engage with diverse cultures. Culmen undertakes complex initiatives across international borders to accomplish critical missions that make a positive impact.

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Best Practices

Know the industry best practices to keep your business clear of North Korea's sanctions evasion programs

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Need Help?

Culmen International can help you and your business navigate the difficult waters around North Korean compliance. Free training and consultations are available

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