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Referral Bonus

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External Referral Bonus Program

Our External Referral Bonus Program allows Culmen alumni and non-employees to earn money for connecting us with qualified candidates who get hired.  To refer a candidate please follow the process below:


  1. View the positions on our job openings page. Referral bonus amounts for job postings that indicate “Immediate Opening”* are: $2,500 for those that require a Top-Secret (TS) clearance or above, and $1,500 for all other positions. Referrals for job postings that are designated as a “Hot Job”* earn a $5,000 bonus!
  2. Refer a friend or colleague. Click on the job title and then click on “Refer a Friend/Share Job.” Fill in the requested information and click on “Email Your Friend.” 

  3. Note your information on the application. Make sure the person you refer selects “referred by a non-employee,” and includes your name on their application. Referral bonuses are only paid out if the applicant includes your information in their application.

  4. Referral bonuses are paid after the hire completes 90 days of employment. An HR Representative will contact you and obtain the required documentation, and then you’ll receive your bonus!


*This will be designated at the top of the job posting.​​

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