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Data Analytics / Data Visualization

Data Analytics and Data Visualization

Data analytics and data visualization has many business benefits, primarily access to more data and better insights. It also has its challenges. The volume and speed at which data is generated and collected can strain even the most robust networks. When timing is critical, delays in receiving and analyzing mass amounts of data can have serious consequences. 

The more you know about any one thing, event, place, or situation, the more reliably you can make predictions about what will happen in the future. Being able to analyze, compare and spot patterns quicker and more reliably than humans, relationships begin to emerge that were previously hidden, giving us insights into how we can initiate change.

Novel sources of data are constantly emerging that challenge our abilities to find, ingest and make sense of it. What will data from autonomous vehicles mean for business, transportation, logistics and security? 

Culmen International is exploring the expanding digital domain by using big data methods with data-driven simulations, and advanced predictive analytics to enable our clients to gain insights and advantages about the risks and opportunities confronting them including:

  • Gathering data from more sources than ever before

  • Finding security risks 

  • Use big data analytic algorithms to make sense of the large amount of data

Our ability to encompass both data analytics and data visualization allows for gathering significant amounts of data and being able to thoughtfully interpret and visualize the data to find risks and patterns.

Centrifuge Analytics™

Centrifuge Analytics is a big data discovery technology that provides the power and flexibility to connect, visualize and collaborate without complex data integration, costly services or advanced training or experience in data science. It combines sophisticated link-analysis, interactive visualizations and discovery features to dramatically simplify data pattern and connection recognition.

To learn more about Culmen’s Centrifuge Analytics product, please click here

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