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Aviation Security


Culmen International designs and delivers tailored aviation security solutions to customers around the globe further strengthening the security of the United States and of partner nations. Our aviation security services bring together world class experience, best business practices, innovation and operational consistency. We employ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) certified trainers and auditors, along with multi-lingual former government aviation security specialists from across the globe.  


Culmen has supported aviation security missions for Department of Homeland Security TSA Office of Intelligence and Analysis, the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of State, Department of Commerce International Civil Aviation Organization, Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the European Union and many other international customers.  

Culmen has extensive experience delivering aviation security solutions in fragile environments. Constantly adapting and innovating in response to various operating challenges, Culmen is delivering real, sustainable change for aviation security in Libya from training some 500 airport screeners as well as auditors, airport managers, and maintenance personnel, and supporting the development of requisite regulations, SOPs, and national strategies. 


Additionally, our highly skilled employees have decades of experience procuring, storing, transporting, and installing security equipment. This includes checked baggage x-ray scanners, carry-on baggage x-ray scanners, walk-through metal detectors, chemical analyzers, explosives trace detectors, radiation detection equipment and a host of related equipment at airports, seaports, and land border crossings worldwide. Our personnel help speed TSA Pre✓® credentials to eligible passengers, including all steps in the process from applications to data corrections to adjudications. 

Security and safety are our top priorities and Culmen is ready to assist any sized customer, anywhere around the globe. 

Our work includes:

  • SMEs with deep knowledge of airports and aviation security standards 

  • Developing US Government approved aviation security curriculum and training materials, along with curriculum and materials individually tailored to client’s requirements 

  • Experience developing all relevant national strategy and airport-level   procedures, and protocols as required to meet global and national standards 

  • Aviation and airport security training including cargo screening methods and international training of X-ray screening for passengers, bags, staff, and crew 

  • Audit capability including carrying out airport audits to ICAO or national requirements, development of audit methodology, auditor training and development of tailored audit platform tools. 

  • Provision of innovative platforms from screener certification to equipment management 

  • On the job training and mentoring, and creation of local and national AvSec training centers (including hiring and training of staff, developing operating procedures and equipment provision) 

  • Installation of relevant equipment including screening and perimeter security enhancements 

  • Site survey, design, regulation, and equipment lifecycle support for screening equipment at airports globally, including cargo, vehicle, hold baggage and passenger screening.  

  • Design of an airport threat model that identifies the largest pathway threats including terrorist transit 

  • Global relationships with relevant aviation security vendors and international organizations 

  • Experience performing in CONUS and OCONUS environments 

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